Sunday, September 1, 2013

Handmade Toy Ideas You Can Make Yourself


I will present writing is about making handmade toys from scrap materials and the benefits of the game that's been made .


This time I tried to encourage my students to make handmade toys from scrap materials . This is the first time they were invited to participate in making the work itself that they can use in everyday life . They were very enthusiastic and happy. I use this method to build the potential of non - academic students .

Classroom conditions

Class is populated by approximately 30 students with sufficient building .
Submission of Background Material

Subjects I will say this is a subject Arts Culture and Skills . I deliver the material in a way students directly involved in the manufacture of handmade toys .
Background The use of Method

I use creative methods of learning to my students , because I believe that they have a high potential for creativity and they can take advantage of tools and items around them who are not used to be used as a medium of learning as well as games for them in everyday life .

Implementation steps I

Lessons open to talk about my experiences as a child make their own traditional games and give examples of how to manufacture traditional toy cars .

Tools and materials used :

* A pair of flip-flops unused
* Pencil
* Scissors / knife
* Thickness measuring stick
* Rubber band / string sol
* Raffia

How to manufacture toy cars handmade :

1 . Grab a pair of flip-flops and then make 4 circular pattern resembling a car tire by using a pencil .
2 . Car tire pattern that has been made ​​, then follow the pattern pieces using scissors / knife . Do not forget to give in rather large hole (adjust the thickness of a stick ) in the middle to link one and the other wheel .
3 . Take a stick the size of a thick , then cut into 3 parts with different size , ie 2 sticks with the same length and 1 stick with a longer size .
4 . Take 4 pieces of car tire which has been cut and a hole in the middle, then each 2 pieces tires wheels paired the long measuring stick together .
5 . To connect between a pair of car tire with one another that is the measuring stick that is longer , then tie a rubber band around the middle of the two ends of the stick strong enough so as not easily separated .
6 . Forming a toy car , then attach the rope to be pulled to run .
7 . Traditional toy cars ready to be played .

Step Implementation II

I divided the students into small groups ranging from 3-4 students in a group . One group can make handmade toys toys 1-2 and given the freedom to play to be made and how to make it .

Step III Implementation

Each group explains the purpose and benefits of the toys they have made to other groups in the class.
Lesson Learned

Character education is Inserted

Through this method , students can develop the potential of non - academic cooperation , students are passive to active , and encourage students to save money that it does not have to buy the game , but it can be made